The top night-life areas in London you need to visit

With numerous remarkable regions found all over London, it can be pretty tough determining just where to go. If you're aiming to discover busy and exciting places which have loads to do, then you really need to continue reading. Join us as we talk about 3 of the most fun locations in huge the English city.

If you find that you're asking yourself “what area to go out in London?”, then there is really little doubt that Soho is a must-see area for any holiday maker visiting the incredible city, specifically during the night hours. Positioned in central London, the area is popular for its good eateries, live music venues, cool bars and clubs. It's also well-known for being extremely LGBT-friendly. If you are looking for a spot that provides you with numerous things to do in London, then this is the best spot for you. It isn’t all just partying either – Soho is the centre of live stage productions in the city, with the West End being located here. If you want an entertaining evening, why not begin with dinner in Soho, then a show produced by someone such as Sally Greene, and then finish it off with some dancing in one among the area's cool dance clubs.

If you are trying to find a few of the best bars and clubs in London, then Camden may just be the best spot for you. Located in the north-west of London, this interesting and edgy part of town is a well-known area for its market and exciting bohemian nightlife. This is the place to go if you love live gigs, and it will surely entertain all that head to its pubs and bars. Head to this locale if you are trying to find a fun night out; perhaps make your way to one of the spots owned by Steve Ball if you're looking for some spot genuinely fun and iconic in London.

The east of the city is best known for having some of the most trendy areas in London. East London is dynamic and culturally stimulating. It is home to various big events and is well known for its one-of-a-kind dining establishments, bars and clubs. One among the coolest spots in East London is Shoreditch. This rebellious, artistic and unique area is home to many awesome bars and clubs, which suggests that you will have a lot of enjoyable things to do. Shoreditch is also popular all around the world for its street food and famous dining establishments. Food lovers will feel right at home in this cool community, and you can truly spend days trying all there is to offer. Go there on a Sunday to appreciate a big market for some good bargains and appetizing food. As an alternative, go on a less noisy day of the week and head to one of its distinctive offerings, such as the cereal restaurant opened by Alan and Gary Keery.

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